MODEL Product Description
RH100 Space
RH200 Duct
RH300 Outside Air

CODE Style
B Designer space (RH100)
C Corporate space (RH100)
A ABS enclosure (RH200) PVC enclosure (RH300)
M Metal box duct (RH200)
W Aluminum weatherproof (RH200)

CODE Accuracy
02 2%
03 3%
05 5%

CODE Optional Temperature Sensor
L PT100-100 ohm Platinum, IEC 751, 385 Alpha, thin film
C PT1000-1000 ohm Platinum, IEC 751, 385 Alpha, thin film
F 1801ohm, NTC Thermistor, 0.2C
E 3,000 ohm, NTC Thermistor, 0.2C
D 10,000 ohm, type 3, NTC Thermistor, 0.2C
J 10,000 ohm, type 2, NTC Thermistor 0.2C
K 20,000 ohm, NTC Thermistor, 0.2C

CODE Options
LCD LCD display (RH100B Series only)
RH200 A 03 C   Duct humidity c/w ABS enclosure, 3% accuracy and1000 ohm temperature sensor.
Greystone Energy Systems Inc., reserves the right to make design modifications without prior notice.