High Current Switch

  • Direct connection to PC's for general status
  • Directly control AC loads, such as relays,
        lamps or fans, in response to the current
        of a monitored AC circuit
  • Replaces Differential Pressure switches
  • Safety and alarm circuits
  • Monitors motors for broken belts or jammed tooling
  • Heater monitoring

  • The CS-325-HC Solid-Core current switch is a solid-state N.O. switch that is available as an AC switch type to suit many applications. This model features a pre-set trip level at 1.25 Amps maximum and requires no field adjustments for easy installation. The device has a triac output switch that will switch loads at 120 Vac and 2.5 Amps maximum. Internal circuits of the CS-325-HC are totally powered by induction from the line being monitored and all units are certified to CSA (Canada and US) standards.

    Operating Temperature: 0 ?40 C (32 - 104 F)
    Input Range: 1.25 - 40 Amp-turns
    H X W X D: 70 x 89 x 28 mm (2.75?x 3.5?x 1.1?
    AC Conductor Hole:
    19 mm (0.75? Diameter
    Trip Set-Point:
    Factory pre-set at approximately 1.25 Amps
    Operating Humidity:
    0-95% RH non-condensing
    Material: Self-extinguishing ABS (Cycolac 94V-0)
    Switch Rating: 120 Vac @ 2.5 Amps Max
    Material: Self-extinguishing ABS (Cycolac 94V-0)
    Mounting Holes: 2 x 5mm holes spaced 76mm on base (2 x 0.19" holes spaced 3" on base)
    Output Type: Triac
    Leakage Current: < 1 mA
    Manufacturing Process: ISO 9002 Certified