• Compact enclosure
  • Resistant to volatile organic compounds
  • Highly stable
  • Field selectable outputs
  • 4-20mA, 0-1 VDC,0-5 VDC,
    0-10 VDC
  • Accuracy 0% to 0%
  • Humidity span 0% to 100%
  • Temperature options available
  • AC/DC operation
  • Temperature compensated
  • Fast response

The RH series transducers are intended specifically for use in environmental monitoring and control systems and comes in a variety of enclosures. Its state-of-the-art design combines microprocessor based linearization and temperature correction with a world class capacitance sensor. Reliability and accuracy for even the most critical of measurements.

Excellent long-term stability and quick response time combined with temperature compensation make the RH series transducers an ideal choice in the HVAC market. Various models offer accuracy within 2%, 3%, or 5%.

The RH100 Wall Mount comes in a very compact enclosure which mounts directly to a single electrical box. The RH200 Duct comes standard with a 230 mm (9-inch) stainless steel probe, and an ABS enclosure is provided for wire terminations. The RH300 OSA comes mounted in a weatherproof sun and wind shielded enclosure.

Temperature sensor options of RTD's and thermistors are available in all three configurations.

System Accuracy:
Compensated Temp.:
Sensor Construction:
Response Time:
Output Signal Types:
(jumper selectable)

Power Supply:

Wiring Connections:
Optional Temperature Sensor:
0,3, or 5% RH, 5% to 95% RH
-40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
Thermoset Polymer based capacitive
60 micron HDPE cover
0.5% RH
0% of span max
0.5% RH typical
15 seconds @ 25C
0% RH typical at 50% RH in 5 yrs.
    Note: all output signals are
0-1 VDC    scaled 0-100%RH
0-5 VDC
0-10 VDC
12-35 VDC at unit (Loop Powered)
24 VAC/DC nominal 00% (3-wire)
Screw Terminals (14 to 22 AWG)
100 Ohm RTD, 1000 Ohm RTD,
thermistors and transmitters.