The CCM series current valves are solid state time proportioned control for commercial constant-resistance electric heat loads. Available in a variety of voltages and currents.

Open frame units are CSA approved for panel mounted applications only.

See installation instructions for wiring and mounting details.

Control Signal (electric): 4-20mA, 0-135 ohm
(2-10VDC with 500 ohm res.)
Control Signal (pneumatic): 21-103 kPa (3-15 psi)
Operating Voltage: 200-600 VAC, 50/60Hz
Control Voltage: CCM110/130 Series requires 24 VAC,
others are line-powered
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40C (32F to 104F)
Operating Humidity: 5% to 85% R.H.
Ambient Storage Temp: -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
Ambient Storage Humidity: 5% to 85% R.H.
Manufacturing Process: ISO-9002 Certified
Certification: CSA Approved